United Van Lines has been collecting and releasing migration trends based on shipping data for over 40 years. This study tracks which states people have moved out of and tracks where they have migrated to. The most common reasons for relocating are job-related or due to the cost of living in an area, so where are people going, and what are the benefits of knowing migration trends?

Where Did People Move To The Most in 2020?

The 2020 UVL National Migration study found that Idaho had the highest inbound migration rate for the second year in a row in the United States. Knowing where people are flocking to can give you reasons to relocate there due to the expanding economies or steer you away because of the sudden increase in population. According to a 2020 study, Idaho ranked in the top 10 safest states to live in, with a crime rate of 25% less than the national average. With so many people moving to the state, it has created a construction boom where not only houses but new schools, hospitals, and churches have all started to be built and occupied.

The UVL migration study found that the state with the most outbound migration was New Jersey for the third year in a row. Being a state known for high taxes and its cost of living, it is no surprise why people would want to relocate. According to an article from Realtor.com, where the UVL migration study is referenced, the median price for a house in New Jersey is $442,500, $100,000 over the national median list price. People are seeking a place where they can live more comfortably on their household incomes. New York, Illinois, Connecticut, and California were among the states also experiencing the largest exoduses. All of these states are known for high taxes and higher cost of living.

Top Reasons For Moving

Within the 2020 UVL National Migration study, United Van Lines also conducts a survey examining the reasons behind Americans’ migration patterns as a way to further the study. The survey results indicated 40% of Americans who moved did so for a new job or job transfer, and more than one in four (27%) moved to be closer to their family (which is significantly up over prior years). Along with these top two reasons why people migrated included employment status and quality of life.

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