Moving to a new home is always an exciting and stressful experience all wrapped into one, but there are ways to make the experience less stressful. Perhaps one of the biggest reasons people get overly stressed out about moving is a feeling of unpreparedness. What most people don’t realize is that starting the process as early as possible is often helpful and can make the move feel much less daunting. A moving checklist is beneficial, and many examples can be referenced online.

We recommend using the Interactive Moving Checklist on the MyUnited Moving App. The interactive checklist will make it easy for you to track your moving progress and not risk overlooking important steps or losing your notes regarding the move along the way as you start packing. The MyUnited Moving Portal helps you break your move down into phases vs. viewing it all as one large overwhelming project. Some features include:

  • Move Milestone Timeline: Keep track of all your moving milestones.
  • Interactive Move Checklist: Stay focused and keep yourself on track with the interactive weekly checklist.
  • Easily Book Your Move Online: With MyUnited, booking a move online has never been more convenient.
  • Keep Track Of Your Moving Contacts: Organize all your moving contacts for quick and easy access to helpful support.
  • Helpful Moving Resources: Get a complete library of moving tips and helpful direct links to resources.
  • Register At Anytime: Whether you’re just starting to plan a move or you’re in the middle of packing up your home, it’s easy to register for MyUnited.

Moving Checklist Timeline

Two to Three Months Before Moving

It’s helpful to start the process early and prepare ahead of time if you have the option and are well aware of your moving timeline. Sometimes job changes or unexpected life changes can lead to needing to move on a swift timeline. If time allows, start the process early by creating a moving folder or binder. This can help you keep track of moving quotes, moving services, receipts, etc. Collect any information you will need in the future as you begin to research your new location such as school district phone numbers, utility providers, internet service providers, etc. At this time it is also best to set a moving budget. Determine what you are comfortable spending and begin saving for moving costs if needed. 

8 Weeks Out

Roughly 8 weeks from your moving date is a good time to start getting quotes from moving companies, recommendations from friends in the new area, and to start planning for packing your belongings. Schedule a virtual or in-person moving assessment and as you begin to select moving companies be sure to look up their ratings online or with the Better Business Bureau. 

7 Weeks Out

Begin to prepare for when you touch down in your new city. This is a good time to find new doctors or other medical service providers you may need in your new area, submit medical records and education records for school transfer, reconfirm your start date if relocating for a new job, and consider storage needs for your new home if moving a lot of belongings to a smaller space in a larger city. Create a list of the new items you plan to purchase for your new home to budget accordingly for expenses after the move. 

6 Weeks Out

Make travel arrangements at this time. Prepare accordingly for child care or pet sitting services during your move and if you need some items like vehicles, antiques, or large pieces of furniture shipped, make arrangements to do so outside of your moving company quotes. 

5 Weeks Out

It’s best to start packing early and you can start with items you won’t need in the remaining weeks in your home. Packing the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom items last is usually helpful as you will still be using a lot of those items leading up to your move. This is a good time to pack decorations, books, and other belongings you can live without for the next 5 weeks. This is also a great time to declutter your belongings and make donations, sell items on online marketplaces, or host a garage sale to clear out your unneeded items. 

Download The App

If this is helpful information for your move, we suggest downloading the MyUnited Moving App to access the Interactive Moving Checklist and continue to learn about the 4 remaining weeks leading up to your move and how to best prepare and ensure a more enjoyable moving experience with less chaos.