Congratulations on finding your new rental or home! Now that you are ready to move, it’s important to be sure you aren’t bringing any creepy crawlers into your new residence. If you tend to have an issue with bugs in your current residence, you will want to get rid of them before you move. This is especially the case when it comes to bed bugs. If you are currently dealing with bed bugs and moving into a new place, you will want to eliminate them before you move or they will become an issue at your new home. 

If you are moving with a professional moving company, ALL infestations must be addressed PRIOR to the movers showing up for scheduled services. Drivers and crews can refuse to pack and/or load your household goods if there are any signs of bugs, moths, or mold.

How to Avoid Bed Bugs When Moving

If you suspect you have an infestation of bed bugs or any other bugs, it is advised to hire an exterminator to get rid of them before you start packing. One reason being that you don’t want them hitching a ride to your new home. Another important reason is that, for many renters, leaving behind bed bugs will cost you big. Some landlords will take an entire security deposit and possibly charge extra for the extermination costs. By doing it yourself first, you will likely pay less and avoid any negative references when renting in the future. 

If you don’t currently have bed bugs, you will surely want to avoid getting them during your move. For many people who opt to pack and move themselves, it can be hard to know if the truck and equipment was cleaned properly before you began using it. To play it safe, you should cover all mattresses and box springs in unused plastic mattress covers to protect any exposed fabric to prevent picking up bed bugs in transit. When you hire professional movers, they should have a thoroughly cleaned truck and will properly prep mattresses and box springs before transport. 

Protecting Your New Home from Pests

Secure the Perimeter

In a perfect world, your new residence will have no existing pest problems, but that is not always the case. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but don’t stress – there are a handful of things you can do to resolve any issues. Upon arrival at your new home, inspect the perimeter of your exterior and make sure to plug up or repair any holes you find that could be a source for a pest issue. It’s also important to do the same for your interior to see if you have any signs of pests or entryways for pests or insects to come into your home. If you are renting and notice pest issues upon moving in, inform your landlord immediately or you may risk having to pay for it yourself. 

Inspect Your Thresholds

Entryways and doorways are one of the most common locations where bugs enter your home. Be sure to check the seals for any of the exterior doors to your home to make sure there aren’t any holes for creepy crawlers to get through. 

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

The kitchen naturally attracts a lot of pests due to the amount of food that is kept there. Upon arrival at your new home, be sure to keep a squeaky clean kitchen for a couple weeks after your move. If there was any pre-existing pest issues, keeping a clean kitchen can help end the problem while you are in the process of taking the other steps in this article to remove or prevent bugs from entering your home. If the insects are provided a food source, they can keep coming back while you are trying to prevent their entry. 

Dry Up Damp Areas

Aside from food, moisture is another big component that can lead to pest issues. Moisture is needed for most larvae to grow and hatch into the bugs we want to keep out. Find any sources of moisture and think about getting a dehumidifier or something similar to help remove the moisture and reduce the reproduction of bugs. 

Consult with S&M Moving Before Your Big Move

Moving can be an exciting and also stressful time. If you’re concerned about picking up bed bugs when transporting your items in a moving truck, we can help ease your mind. S&M Moving Systems is an agent for United Van Lines, one of the most reputable moving companies in the country. You can trust that our professionals keep cleanliness high on the list of priorities and will always handle your items with care. Phoenix, AZ residents can call 602-586-3200 and Fremont, CA residents can call 510-497-2300 to learn more or request a quote online today!