Note: If you have experienced a recent moving scam, contact MoveRescue at (800) 832-1773.


Throughout 2020 with the pandemic affecting nearly every business industry, there was naturally a lot of turn over and then re-hiring of employees into new positions. Additionally, many people going through lifestyle changes due to the impacts relocated their families. This lead to an increase demand for moving services towards the end of the year and going into this year with expectations for lots of moves throughout 2021. 

Additionally, the current circumstances have lead to an influx of online purchasing and order placement for complex moving needs. Here is a handful of things you should consider about a moving company before entering a binding contract and risking time, money, and headaches.

Internet Presence

Research the company before deciding to hire them. Check their website, reviews online, and find out if they have unhappy customers in the past. Verify the name of the company as well as the industry as many industries can have similar companies based on the company names.

Broker or Direct

Hiring a moving service provider through a broker network may mean that you get a better price on your move as the move is being bid on by multiple contractors. However, the downside can be that you have no choice in who you select for the move and can get paired with an unreliable mover that has a history of bad moving experiences with their customers.

Moving Capabilities

Many moving companies specialize in a certain aspect of moving. Others offer a very wide range of capabilities and depending on your situation, you may want to make sure you are with the right type of moving company. For example, if you are relocating an expensive grand piano, you may want to consider a moving company specializing in instruments and antiques.

What to Do When Moving Scams Occur

Unfortunately, some consumers will still fall victim to rogue operators this year. Fortunately, there is a service called MoveRescue available to help. Those who feel they may have been scammed should contact MoveRescue at 800-832-1773. Consumers who call this number will talk to a representative who will assess the situation and direct the caller through the appropriate next steps. MoveRescue serves as a central source for consumers who need moving assistance or anti-fraud information.

Anytime you are dealing with all of your corporate or personal possessions, it is important to research your decision thoroughly. We have had a recent increase in call volume due to moving scams unrelated to our services, so this is only one example of an increasing number of moving scammers entering the market through new technology and access to moving contracts. Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions about your moving needs and our capabilities.

Ready to Move?

There should be complete transparency and documentation when services change in the middle of a move after you have signed with a moving company. Moving companies cannot hold your household goods hostage for more money prior to delivery.  However, this should not be confused with adding additional services during your move because your personal circumstances have changed.  It is very important as the consumer, to be completely transparent about any changes that you need to make during your move and to communicate them to your Move Coordinator / Salesperson.

Please see the link below to United Van Line’s Moving Checklist, and basic information before you decide on the right moving company for your move.  You can also visit and download “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” from the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).