Moving requires a lot of planning, especially if you’re relocating to a different country. There are several differences between international moving services and interstate moving services that one should be aware of before making a move. Understanding these differences can help make the relocation process smoother and less stressful.

International moving services involve moving to a different country, whereas interstate moving services involve moving within the same country. International moving requires more planning, logistics, and paperwork compared to interstate moving. The process involves complying with customs regulations, obtaining visas, and dealing with other legal requirements.

International Moving Companies

Companies that offer international moving services require additional licenses and qualifications compared to those that offer interstate moving services. International moving companies should have an International Mover’s License (IML) that authorizes them to transport household goods across international borders. They should also have a membership with a professional association such as the International Association of Movers (IAM) that provides access to a global network of moving companies and industry knowledge.

International moving companies should also have proper insurance coverage to protect your belongings during transportation. This coverage includes marine insurance that covers your goods while they are in transit on a ship, and liability insurance that protects your items against damage or loss during packing, loading, and unloading.

Moving by Air or Sea

When it comes to transportation, moves can happen by air or sea. The decision on which mode of transportation to use depends on several factors such as the destination country, the volume of goods, and the available budget. Shipping by sea is the most common mode of transportation for international moves due to its cost-effectiveness. Shipping times vary depending on the destination country and the transit time, which can range from a few days to several weeks.

Planning an international move requires more time and effort compared to an interstate move. One should start planning at least three to six months in advance. This time frame allows for ample time to research the destination country’s customs regulations, obtain visas and permits, and find a reputable moving company.

Only Move What You Need To

Before moving, one should declutter and donate items that they no longer need. This step will help reduce the volume of goods that need to be transported, thus reducing the overall cost of the move. Additionally, one should create an inventory of all their belongings and label boxes to make it easier to identify items during the unpacking process.

Moving internationally involves more planning, logistics, and paperwork compared to moving within the same country. International moving companies require additional licenses, insurance, and qualifications to operate legally. Moves can happen by air or sea and may take many weeks to be completed. It’s important to follow these recommendations and hire a professional moving company that is experienced in international moving to make the move as easy as possible. 

International Moving with S&M Moving Systems

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