Whether your business is growing, you want a better location, or you simply want to upgrade your office, there are many office relocation costs to consider. If you’re wondering “How much does it cost to relocate offices?” there are many things to consider besides the rent for your new office. 

Moving Costs

This may appear to be the most apparent office relocation factor to consider, but when you need to know what it takes to move offices, cost is an important one. Having a professional moving company available to help you plan your office relocation, carefully pack up your office, and get everything to the new office on time and damage-free is a must-have service when moving to a new office. Professional movers will be especially helpful when it comes to moving heavy office furniture and expensive equipment like printers and computers. The price range for a moving service could be anywhere from $750 to $4,500 depending on the square footage, whether or not they will be packing your items, and other varying factors. 

I.T. and Other Technology Costs

Depending on your business type, moving to a new office will likely involve moving several computers to the new location. This can impact how much it costs to relocate offices. It may vary depending on your internet provider and what is available in your new office location, but you will need to secure internet services as soon as possible. You may need new physical equipment such as servers, phones, and wireless access points. The price for this moving expense will vary based on your location, internet service provider, and how many employees you have. 

Build-Out Costs

Unless you plan on relocating to an office that is already built out based on a plan you approved, you will likely need to make a few changes to the space to fit your business’s needs. It could be a few simple changes such as replacing the carpet and getting new window treatments, or you may want to tear out walls. For those renting an office space, the landlord might provide a tenant improvement allowance to help pay for office improvements, but you will likely need to pay some money out of pocket for all of the changes you need. 

Staffing Impacts

This is an office relocation cost that may not come to mind until its already happening. Relocating your office can have impacts on your staff in positive or negative ways. Some staff members may not be excited to move and it may be what leads them to put in their two weeks. If staff members grew accustomed to certain perks about the old office such as free parking or close proximity to their home, they might jump ship if the new office doesn’t offer the same perks. Hopefully, your staff is loyal and loves their jobs enough, but it’s worth considering how it will affect them and potentially create unexpected costs during a move. 

Announcing Your Move

There is a cost associated with ensuring customers know you will be at a new location, especially if your business gets a lot of foot traffic or regularly has clients come to your office for meetings. You will need to change the address listed on your website, Google listing, and any social media pages. Changing any print materials such as business cards, letterhead, menus, or packaging will come at a cost as well. If you have signage for your business that lists the address, it will need to be changed as well. If you choose to announce your new location, budgeting for advertising such as digital ads, TV, newspapers, radio, or billboards will also be a factor. This can vary significantly from $1,000 to update business cards to several thousand for advertising. 

Get Prepared for Your Office Relocation

So how much does it cost to relocate offices? The exact amount depends on a variety of these factors listed above, but when you’re ready to take care of the moving costs, reach out to S&M Moving Systems for an estimate on moving costs. Office relocation requires an advanced level of planning and S&M Moving Systems has a team of experienced professionals ready to assist. S&M Moving Systems serves areas in Phoenix, Arizona, Fremont, California, and Portland, Oregon and has been handling businesses and individuals’ moves for over 100 years. Request a quote today