Anyone would tell you that the summer is the most popular time of year to relocate. Moving is difficult at the best times, but doing so in the summer, particularly if you are relocating to or from an area with hot summer temperatures, will add its own set of difficulties. When moving in the heat, you’ll need to think about logistics and how to stay cool. Here are some moving tips for warm temperature months to help your move go as safely and smoothly as possible. 

Why Is Summer A Popular Time To Move?

Summer is by far the busiest season for moving, but why is that? If you’re one of the millions of Americans planning to move this year, the five factors below may explain why summer is the greatest time to do so.

More Houses On The Market.

Summer is the perfect time to move to a new house. This is the busiest time in the real estate market, with enthusiastic buyers ready to purchase. Homeowners want to take advantage of the heightened buyer interest, so you’ll discover the largest variety of properties for sale between May and August. Many leases expire around the end of June and July, making it an ideal opportunity for tenants to move.

Real estate and relocation go hand in hand. Whether you’re buying, selling, or renting, a moving truck isn’t far behind when it comes to real estate.

School Is Out For The Summer

School being out is one of the main reasons individuals move more in the summer than in other seasons. Parents don’t want to worry about their child’s education being disrupted, and joining a new school in the midst of the year may be socially challenging for children. It’s simpler to enroll children in a new school over the summer and have them start with the rest of their classmates at the start of the school year.

Another consideration is college students. Students who are relocating from the dorm or their parents’ home are more likely to do so over the summer before the start of the fall semester. Students who graduate after the spring semester are also on the move as they begin their post-college lives.

Better Weather

If you have ever attempted to move during the winter months, when temperatures are below freezing, and the sidewalks are covered with snow and ice, you may understand why people choose to move during the summer months. 

Although mid-day temperatures can lead to potential hazards during the summer, there are ways to safely and efficiently move in hot weather. 

Moving Tips For Warm Temperature Months

Prepare in Advance

Summer is a great season to move. It’s the busiest time of year for movers, so make your plans accordingly. Because demand is great, the top moving companies fill their schedules fast and do not have to provide competitive prices. Start searching for moving companies at least six to eight weeks before the day you want to move, if possible. Pack your possessions many days before your relocation and be as organized as possible to avoid running around in the hot sun.

Start Early and Stay Hydrated

When moving in the summer, heatstroke is a significant risk. One of the most important moving tips for warm weather months is, when it’s possible, try to schedule your moving company to come early in the morning when the weather is still somewhat mild. Keep hydrated, particularly if you’re performing heavy activities, and wear light clothes to avoid overheating.

Before The Move, Turn On Utilities.

If you’re moving in hot weather, make it a top priority to turn on the air conditioning before you move. By cooling your home, you’ll be able to concentrate on the duties at hand rather than the heat. This way, neither you nor your movers will be sweating as much on moving day.

Keep Heat-Sensitive Items Safe

Artwork, computers, office equipment, electronic devices, food, candles, art supplies, and plants are just a few household items that don’t do well in the heat for long periods. Some of these concerns may be alleviated if you begin your move earlier in the morning or are moving close by but keep in mind that most trucks are not temperature-controlled, and the drivers may frequently stop along the way. You can organize your packing to limit the length of time these things are exposed to heat.

Move as many heat-sensitive items as possible that can melt or go bad in a personal vehicle with air conditioning. For items that must go in the moving truck but may not do well in the heat, load those items last and unload them first. 

Keep An Eye Out For Overheating Signs

Being exposed to extreme temperatures might be hazardous. It is essential to be aware of any indicators of overheating and heat-related illness when the weather is hot. These symptoms might include high body temperature, headaches, nausea, dizziness, weakness, fainting, muscular cramps, seizures, and general disorientation. If you or anybody with you on moving day shows any symptoms, get out of the heat as quickly as possible and into the air conditioning. Experts urge anyone suffering from heat exhaustion to drink lots of water, lay down (avoid passing out and injuring themselves), take a cool shower, or dab yourself with a cool compress. Use these moving tips for warm temperature months to help you avoid overheating.

Hire An Experienced Moving Company

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