The Holiday season is upon us. While this is a time to celebrate, it can also be a time of the year for many families to relocate. While moving to a new home might add to the Holiday joy, the packing and moving process can be much less so.

That doesn’t mean your relocation needs to detract from the joyful atmosphere of the end of the year. Below is advice and tips for moving during the holidays.

Start Packing Early

As soon as you become aware of your impending move, begin packing all non-essential belongings. Consider items that you will not need until after the move, like out-of-season apparel and kitchenware that you will not use for a while. If you have the time, pack methodically to prevent stress. Select one location of your house to keep the packed boxes, preferably one that has a door that can be closed. Reduced visible clutter equals less extra stress to your already overflowing plate of moving during the holidays.

Regardless of the amount of time you have to pack, create a strategy to guarantee that you are completely packed before moving day. Scheduling what you’ll pack each day frees your brain space and time for holiday shopping and organizing Christmas dinner at your new house for your close family or friends.

Have A Packing Party

While most families do not enjoy packing, you may approach it differently. One of the tips for moving during the holidays while still enjoying your holiday season is to have a packing party. Playing holiday music, setting out refreshments and snacks, and packing a separate decorations box can help lift the holiday spirit. Saving your holiday decor for last will enable you to be able to locate and hang your decorations immediately upon moving into your new home.

Make Donations To Charities

A cluttered home is never a good thing, and there is no better time to donate unwanted items than before to your Holiday move. You can also make it a family activity by selecting a certain charity and sorting through unwanted toys, household items, and clothing.


Moving is costly at any time of the year, but it may be significantly more so over the holidays. Local moves typically cost roughly $500 for a one-bedroom apartment, and those costs may grow considerably if you have a larger family. Additionally, you have Christmas costs to consider. Establish two distinct budgets for Holiday shopping and moving to avoid being caught off guard during the holiday moving process.

Find Ways To Cut Costs

All holidays have one thing in common. Gifts often accompany them. This entails additional expenses, which may soon add up to an expensive holiday season when combined with relocating charges. You should make every effort to minimize your moving expenses while maintaining the safety of your belongings and the quality of the service you select.

One of the best tips for moving during the holidays is to save shipping boxes from gifts that you have purchased. 

Plan For The Weather

Winter weather is notoriously unpredictable, even a day before your relocation is planned. Prepare for the worst-case scenario by covering items such as beds and couches in case the weather changes. When you’re moving around the holidays, snowfall isn’t as picturesque, so plan ahead on how to keep your stuff secure regardless of the weather.


A night without heat will not be pleasant when relocating during the holiday season. It is more crucial than at any other time of year to arrange for your utilities to be switched on as soon as possible to ensure the utility company is available and you won’t have to worry about an unheated house once you’ve moved.

Hire Movers Ahead Of Time

While finding a reputable mover is critical, you also want to ensure they are not overbooked or closed on the day of your move!

Always schedule your movers in advance and make additional preparations (if required) if you want to relocate on a particular holiday or event.

Relocate With S&M Moving!

Moving over the holidays may be stressful, but you can minimize stress with proper preparation while still enjoying time with your loved ones and enjoying the festivities. S&M Moving Systems team of moving experts can help you with your holiday relocation. Contact us today to request a quote!