Moving can be fun and exciting, but the packing part is mostly time-consuming and can feel overwhelming if you’re not sure how to pack things properly. Take a look at these room-by-room tips for packing your house to move so you can feel confident in your packing skills.

Tips for Packing Your Kitchen

The kitchen tends to be the most overwhelming place to start packing, but once it is out of the way, the rest will feel easy! 

  • Wrap plates in clean packing paper and stack them with paper in between each plate. Pack plates on edge rather than stacking them in a box.
  • Wrap lids for bowls in paper and place them upside down in the bowl.
  • Individually wrap cups and protect handles with an extra piece of paper.
  • Line the bottom of sturdy boxes with crumpled paper for cushioning.
  • Label boxes as “fragile” so they are handled with extra care.
  • Pack heaviest items on the bottom and lightest, most fragile on top.
  • Leave perishable food behind and only bring items that are easy to travel with.
  • Seal up boxes of dry food well.
  • Place liquid items inside a sealed plastic bag, then wrap in paper to avoid breaking or spilling. Check with your move coordinator or the van line you are moving with for a list of non-allowable items that the mover cannot take.

Tips for Packing Your Living Room

Living rooms tend to have a wide variety of items that need to be packed away.

  • Disassemble any lamps and pack the shade separately in a sturdy box lined with paper. Don’t forget to take out the light bulb so it doesn’t break in transit.
  • If you have mirrors in your living room, using “mirror” cartons specifically designed to move a mirror is recommended. Wrap the mirror in paper before placing it in the carton and securely tape the box in various directions so the mirror won’t fall out. Large framed pictures and glass shelves ( from tv stands, curio cabinets & coffee tables) can also be securely packed in mirror cartons.
  • Electronics in your living room are best packed back in their original boxes. If you don’t have the original box, you can find boxes specifically designed for a TV which is likely the most delicate electronic item in your living room. 
  • Never lay a TV flat in a box. Always keep it standing up on end to avoid damaging the screen.

Tips for Packing Your Bedroom

One of the best tips for packing your house to move can be applied to the bedroom. This tip is to start early! Pack away out-of-season clothing that you won’t be wearing between now and the time of your move. Getting these clothes out of the way first can make it easier to pack the rest of your bedroom and save time down the road. You will also need to pack drapes, rugs, and bedding.

  • Pack a bag of clothes that you will need to wear between the time you pack and the time you are able to unpack. You will want clean clothes after a long day of moving!
  • Clearly label clothing boxes with who they belong to so it’s easier to sort when unpacking.
  • Use large boxes for bedding and avoid packing them too heavy.
  • Save space by packing small pillows in bureau drawers. Be careful that you don’t put added stress on your furniture by moving everything packed in dressers & end tables.  It is always best to pack the items in boxes than to have a damaged dresser at delivery.
  • Clean drapes/curtains ahead of the move and pack them by folding them lengthwise over a padded hanger. Hang them in a wardrobe box to prevent wrinkling.
  • Clean rugs prior to moving day as well. Roll your rug up and protect the ends by wrapping them in paper and then wrap the entire rug in plastic to keep it clean and easy to handle. 

Tips for Packing Your Bathroom

Take the time to sort through and purge your bathroom items. It is easy to accumulate cosmetics, toiletries, linens, medications, and cleaning supplies, so getting things organized first will save you time. 

  • Pack a bathroom essentials bag so you aren’t without soap, toothpaste, a toothbrush, and a towel so you can get cleaned up after moving day.
  • Pack liquid items in a sealed plastic bag to avoid messy leaks.
  • Plan on tossing out bleach, disinfectants, aerosol cans, acids/ammonia, and nail polish/polish remover, etc., since movers cannot move these items. Check with your move coordinator or the van line you are moving with for a list of non-allowable items that the mover cannot take.
  • Pack any mirror or framed photos carefully in a mirror box.
  • Pack any knick knacks in a sturdy moving box with crumpled packing paper lining the bottom. Don’t let the box get too heavy, and label it if it contains fragile items.
  • Bathroom appliances like hair dryers should also be packed in a sturdy box, wrapped in paper to avoid anything breaking. Put heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top. Pack around them within the box with paper, so items don’t shift when boxes are being transported. 

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