Moving is a massive undertaking. When you’ve decided to enlist the help of a professional moving crew, you will undoubtedly have a much smoother moving process that will take a lot less time and effort than if you went the DIY route and got a few of your closest friends to help. Many people who hire a professional moving crew wonder, “how much should I tip a mover?” Tipping can be a confusing part of the American culture, and some other countries don’t tip for any services. While there aren’t always set amounts you should tip for a specific service, there are a few factors you can consider when determining how much you should tip a mover. 

Do Moving Crews Get Tipped?

You tip at restaurants, you tip your delivery driver, and you even tip your hairdresser. But since most people only hire a moving crew a few times in their life, the tipping etiquette here can seem unclear. Moving crews work very hard on the day of your move. They spend hours carefully packing your items, labeling boxes, and strategically loading your items into a truck. That solid wood dresser you have? Yep, they are carefully wrapping it in protective padding and then carrying it out of your house and lifting it into the truck. So when you consider that they are performing a service like this, a tip is definitely on the table. Unless you received horrible service from your movers that resulted in broken or even stolen items, it is a courtesy to include a tip for your movers. 

How Much Should I Tip a Mover?

Determining a tip for a service can be confusing. In some industries, like food service, the standard tip is 15-25% if you were satisfied with your service. But does this apply to a moving crew? And how do you distribute the tip? Do you tip each crew member individually or one lump sum that they will split amongst themselves? 

Things To Consider When Calculating a Tip

  • Consider how difficult the move was for the crew. Did you have a lot of heavy items? Were there multiple flights of stairs for them to walk up and down? A more challenging move will warrant a higher tip. 
  • How was the quality of their service? If you felt your moving crew went above and beyond your expectations, then show them your appreciation! Having a crew that carefully handles your belongings is worth a good tip.
  • Were your movers polite? Moving heavy boxes and furniture isn’t the most fun job in the world, so having a moving crew that delivers service with a smile is deserving of a tip.
  • Were the movers punctual and efficient? One of the reasons many people hire movers is that it makes the process quicker, so if your movers were efficient, show them you appreciate it. 

Should I Tip a Percentage or a Dollar Amount?

While other services use a percentage-based tipping system, you should tip your movers about $50 – $100 per person on the crew. For example, if your move took 4 hours and you felt the quality of service was great, you could tip individuals $50 each. If you felt that the movers did a poor job, showed up late, or you were dissatisfied for other reasons, you could lower the amount of the tip. If your movers caused damage to your home or broke items, you should contact the moving company to address this. 

Some people provide breakfast, lunch or snacks for the movers since they may not be able to afford tipping at this point in their lives. You should always have a bathroom available and water on hand for the crew.  The crews appreciate anything that you can do to make their jobs more efficient. If you have questions or are in doubt please contact your personal move coordinator for assistance.

Ready to Hire Movers? 

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